April 2016: Pre-Excitement Fatigue Syndrome

From Dave:

Less than 7 days before our flight leaves – CAN…YOU…BELIEVE…IT?!?!

Yes, it’s official!  I’m suffering from PEFS – Pre-Excitement Fatigue Syndrome (not a real thing, so far as I know).  If you’ve not heard of it before, PEFS is condition where you’ve been excited for so long waiting for something to occur, that you get worn out just from the wait.


I have been waiting, as have we all, for what seems like ages.  And now we are less than one week away from leaving for Ethiopia!!

The first time I left for Ethiopia, I had no expectations.  I was afraid to.  God was so amazing, that on the next trip I dared to believe God would do something – He showed Himself even more incredible.  For that reason, I am so excited to go this time to see and be a part of what God will do.

When people ask me why I return to Ethiopia, the answer is simple.  That’s because God keeps calling me.  I wish it were more courageous, such as when God asked Isaiah who would go and Isaiah said, “Here am I, send me.”  But alas, my calling was much more like Moses – God nearly had to light a bush on fire before I would go.

As others have said and continue to say, we greatly appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we prepare and as we are in-country.  We know God will do more than we can even ask or imagine, and we look forward to sharing with you what is happening via the blog.  Then, we hope to share with you in person afterward, rejoicing in what God did, and rejoicing with the angels in heaven for all the new believers in the kingdom.


2 thoughts on “April 2016: Pre-Excitement Fatigue Syndrome

  1. Prayers and Thoughts are with you as you set out on your journey, All the Very Best to the Entire Team – with love and thoughts from Us in ZImbabwe


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