April 2016: Post from Bailie

I pray a lot about my future. One of these prayers for the last four years has been that international adoption would someday be a part of God’s great plan for my life. After meeting Andrea and talking with her, my eyes were opened. She adopted three children from the Philippines. But apart from that she has a children’s outreach program that she and her husband are a part of running.

Andrea and team member Taliah

She had a small eight year old Ethiopian child with her when we met. His name was Melkuanint. God spoke to me a lot through her story and Melkuanint’s story. This child had tuberculosis when he was little and it was never treated properly which left his hip completely deformed. He has been in pain for years. Andrea was preparing to take him to the hospital the next day for the extensive surgery he needed. He has been waiting for this surgery for two years because his mother wanted to keep him crippled so that when he begged they would get more money.

God really used this conversation to remind me that I can care for, invest in, and love children right now, wherever I am. He showed me that I don’t have to wait to adopt in order to make a difference in a child’s life. Andrea’s heart for children was very evident and has inspired me and challenged me greatly

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