April 2016: Post from Kelly: Second Day

Observing the Ethiopian people has been life changing. Their love for each other, as well as visitors and their community is something one can only be humble by. Not only are you invited into their extremely modest home, but are then given what may be the remainder of their food and water. I can honestly say I’ve never given the last of my food to anyone back in American.
When you go into their churches there are no pews, for they feel they should be humbled in front of God on the floor. But the sight of them holding themselves up with “prayer sticks” because they’ve become too weak from praying for so long is a sight that I will never forget. Have i ever prayed so long that I needed a stick to hold me upright??

I come to a place like this hoping to provide relief, love and encouragement and realize that I’m not here so much to change them, but to change myself.

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