April 2016: Post from Marela: Second Day

So our first house, we go in there, Barkley and I, and begin to share the priceless cube. Then an older gentlemen walks in carrying a shotgun followed by other men carrying canes and some sort of official-looking cloaks, and sit down right in front of us with suspicious looking stares.

Now I’m thinking, alright, so we won’t get to share the evangecube, but maybe God has a different plan. So we finish telling the priceless cube, (and our guide seemed to me to be very touched by it) and then precede to ask the guy with the gun, who was apparently a “village keeper”, or protector of the village, if he would allow us to tell them of a God who always knows where their children are and is always protecting them.

Me and my human mind was completely expecting a big fat “no”, when God shines His light and the man replies with “sure”. So we eagerly share the Gospel with him and long story short… The village keeper, our guide (who turned out to be the village leader), and everyone else in the room, accepted Christ.

I don’t really have words yet to describe the awe God continues to leave me in, but all I can say is: I am so glad He is running this show and not me!

One thought on “April 2016: Post from Marela: Second Day

  1. Me too. I certainly don’t need to be in charge. Beautiful testimony. Proud of you. Pat Durmon, Delta’s friend.


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