April 2016: Post from Barkley: Third Day

On day three Kelly and I along with our translator Habtamu, Disciple maker, and guide started off for our first of five house visits of the day. The trail was full of rocky crags and crevices, leading down narrow, winding gorges and up precarious gradual slopes. You had to intently watch every step less you risk twisting an ankle or tripping over a rock. This was the same trail that the resident cows, goats and sheep taveled so it was littered with their precarious “land mines.” After ninety minutes of this trek in the hot sun we made it to our first house which just happened to be the house of our guide. We were greeted by three of his six children. We were escorted to the side of the house where we saw their chickens. Afterwards we went into the small, dark, mud and straw hut and was ushered to a seat formed from mud clay, molded along the circumfrence of the wall, approximately twelve inches off the floor. There was plastic laid over it in preparation of our arrival. The women of the home immediately began to make a fire in order to prepare coffee for us. This added a choking, smokey ingredient to the small room. We began to ask questions of the family in order to get aquainted with them as well as share information about ourselves. After approximately thirty minutes of conversation. Kelly presented the Priceless Cube to the family who listened intently. The father asked a lot of questions which the translator seemed to thoroughly answer. I followed Kelly’s presentation with the Evangecube and as soon as I stated, “Anyone who is willing to accept Jesus Christ and spend eternity with Him please stand and pray with us,” the Husband, wife and four others in the room quickly stood and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. We left this home and returned to our trail enroute to our next home. This was repeated over and over throughout the day. By days end a total of fifteen people had accepted the Lord; Praise God! It was at this moment that we realized that whatever discomfort we experienced throughout the day was well worth it. We may never walk this trail and experince these dicomforts again but these people routinely endure this daily. Because of Him,


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