April 2016: Post from Cathy: Third Day

As I write this rain is hammering on the tin roof of our hotel room in Fiche. It’s pouring and the Ethiopian people are probably glad for the water to soak their parched land. Ethiopia is an agrarian culture and for the last three days we have been visiting villages, watching out for donkeys,cows, chickens and goats, sidestepping to avoid them. The ground has been dusty and the terrain uneven but each home we have visited has welcomed us in the warmest possible way. The communities are close and you wonder why in America we isolate ourselves when it’s so obvious that the people thrive when the village takes care of each other and looks out for each other. Despite not having much they seem happy and joyful.Acts 4:20 says we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.

What have we seen?

We have seen God go before us. We keep being told that we are entering a hard area for the gospel but each day more and more people are joyfully choosing to place their faith in Jesus. To see God at work is such a privilege. Just yesterday Laurie and I walked a fair distance to a home and we were met by an elderly man and has daughter. We talked to them both about the human trafficking and then presented the gospel. What the man said to Laurie and I after he and his daughter chose to put their faith in Jesus I will treasure always. He thanked us for coming to help him move from the darkness into the light. He blessed us for making the long walk from town to tell us the good news of Jesus that will change his and his daughter’s life forever. I will never forget his countenance , his face lit up with an indescribable joy.

What have we heard?

Each day we have the opportunity to share what has happened on the mission field. I can barely wait for dinner to be over so team meeting can start to hear what God has done that day.

Just today we heard from a team mate that 60 people crammed into a home eager to hear the gospel. The room was so full people were jostling others to be able to see and hear . Wow!
Each day is different and you never know who you are going to tell the gospel to. Just like Philip and his meeting with the Ethiopian official found in the book of Acts, he was told to go south to the desert road down from Jerusalem to Gaza , Philip went not knowing why God wanted him to go or whom he would meet. He was just told to go. His reward for his obedience was to lead the official to the Lord and we get the chance to do the same. Just today , on the way to a house a young man heard me speaking in English and he called out to me. We stopped to talk with him and we invited him to join us on the journey to the house.He listened intently to the gospel message and came to faith. He had many questions like the Ethiopian official and he chose to follow Christ when the translator was able to show him the answer in scripture . He was so filled with the Holy Spirit he started telling others immediately about Jesus.

If you have ever considered going on a mission trip , do it, you will see amazing things and your faith will be strengthened when you witness God at work and the passion of the local Christians who face persecution for their faith and yet it does not stop them from sharing the Light of the World to those in darkness.

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