April 2016: Post from Marvin: Third Day

The Ethiopian people in the farming villages of Fiche live simple, hard-working, peaceful lives. Their way of life in many ways has not changed from life in biblical times. Their days are spent working the family farm from sunup to sundown. They walk 40 minutes in some instances to draw water from wells and walk for as many as 2 hours in one direction to buy food and supplies at the market. Family arranged marriages continue as the norm where generations live together in mud-wall huts and communals with thatch roofs. And reminiscent of biblical times, each day this week love manifest itself in acts that provided a flock of chickens to sustain families in need, spoke proverbs of a priceless message to protect & mend children and families, and carried the good news on the feet of 2 and 3 generations of saints to save the lost. Today there is rejoicing in Fiche and in heaven. Selah.

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