April 2016: Stuck & Going Nowhere…

After a tasty breakfast, we headed out to meet a house church that would be expecting us. Full of anticipation, we could hardly wait, as this was our first house church visit since we had been there a year earlier. We were making such good time in our 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser that we were certain to be there on time today.


Not so fast. Our speedy 60 KPH dash down a dirt road came to abrupt stop due to a few other vehicles ahead also stopped. As soon as we opened our doors, we could hear the cacophony of voices surrounding a large truck 300 meters ahead that was unquestionably stuck in the mud.

As our video shows, of the 80 or so people milling about and sounding off about the problem, only maybe 10 were actually putting hands on the truck to try to do something about the situation. No the video does not show the ultimate resolution. You must actually read the story. But before we go to the end, let’s look at a few lessons.

  1. Lots of opinions and little action. Pretty common around the world for people to be quick about chatting it up, but slow in actually fixing stuff. In fairness, this was not an easy one. No tow trucks in this region. Here, things are fixed by ingenuity & sweat.
  2. Not surprisingly, the driver was gunning it, trying to solve his problem alone. Probably a bit embarrassed, after all, he had driven himself into this pickle, he would love to drive himself out. Why do we so often struggle without asking for help. Is this mainly a guy thing?
  3. Sadly, the driver, acting solo,  was digging himself in deeper and eventually the axle and undercarriage were encased in the mud. How often do our actions make things worse, particularly when we are going it alone?
  4. In typical local style, this truck was loaded to to the brim and then some. Is our load too heavy for the conditions? No one seemed to be thinking about lightening the truck load. In fairness I don’t know if there were security concerns or if inherently they felt it was just too hard to get the load off, but it did not seem to even be a consideration. Have you ever found yourself in one of life’s ruts, not able to make forward progress, but unwilling to lay aside some of your load?

Ultimately, our clever driver, Abraham, found a way around the truck, and shortly we were back on the road to our destination with only a 20-minute side show. As we made our way around the disabled truck, we were pleased to see a large 4WD vehicle nosing in from the front. I had fully expected a team of oxen would be required to move the laden truck. We did not stay to watch the final victory, but the empty deep ruts on our return trip were witness to the truck moving on.

We pressed on and met our house church only slightly delayed. It was a most remarkable meeting, but that’s a story for our Sunday report to the church!

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