September 2016: Field Day 1

By Greg Shue:

So many thoughts, and in so many directions! Today my team only had the chance to present to four non-believers. One seemed to be looking for income as a tour guide, and he and his companion hurriedly and adamantly left as soon as we pulled out the Evangecube.

We then had a rich and open conversation with an Ethiopan Orthodox college student. He almost knew the whole gospel already, but didn’t have 100% confidence he would go to Heaven if he died today. Though he didn’t come to faith today, he did express a desire to study the Bible with the host family. (Ethiopian Orthodox laity are not allowed to own Bibles so this is a significant step and shows he must be a seeker.)

The last person we saw was an Ethiopian Orthodox woman who refused the gospel message, saying “What has been good enough for my first 35 years is good enough for the rest of my life.” Sad, but a mild reaction given what else we heard from the local believers.

I have heard about the persecuted Church a bit over the years but it was always “out there”. Today I was hearing the stories from the persecuted themselves. Stories of communal shunning, a mob trying to burn down a house and kill the believers (and God sending a vicious and feared neighborhood dog to drive the mob away), stoning and threats of dismemberment! What happened to tolerance? Oh yeah – it is getting redefined.

Now that I have connected with all of this, what am I supposed to do? What would you do?

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