September 2016: Field Day 4 (as well)

By Nancy Evanston


Maybe you have been somewhere like the Grand Canyon. You want to capture its immense beauty and grandeur so you take a picture only to be disappointed because it doesn’t come close to what you just saw and experienced. This is how I feel when I am trying to write about my time here in Ethiopia.





Because it rains intermittently there, the landscape is beautiful, only a picture God could create.


The poverty is none that you can imagine unless you are here with the children begging at you constantly, but there is generosity and hospitality in the huts and hearts of these believers. One Christian woman shared 4 types of food, all delicious, that she had prepared beforehand. We shared about sex trafficking and the gospel with her neighbors. One grandmother responded that this was “good what we shared” because her son was taken away. The husband of the home asked us to pray a blessing for him to be strong in his faith and persevere because they are persecuted for faith in Christ. This region is steeped in Ethiopian Orthodox and many walk away when you share that “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one can come to God except through him.” Please pray for Alum, Amaritch and their 3 children.


Today we had the unexpected opportunity to go to a funeral procession and service of a Christian woman. It was an honor to be there. David, one of our team members, spoke an amazing gospel message for the unbelievers and also encouraged the believers. My heart was overflowing with joy as the Holy Spirit empowered David to speak the truth with boldness and compassion. We trekked miles to visit small numbers of villagers the past few days, yet David spoke to literally hundreds today. While it was an unexpected opportunity for us, we know it was a divine appointment from God.

God has encouraged many believers and we have witnessed others come to new faith in Christ. Many seeds of truth and hope in Jesus were planted this past week. Ears were so attentive to our human trafficking message. Someday when we meet Jesus we will clearly see the big picture of all that has transpired this week. I can’t wait to see my Ethiopian brothers and sisters in Christ then. For now you will have to settle for this snapshot. To God be the glory!

7 thoughts on “September 2016: Field Day 4 (as well)

  1. Nancy–been praying you would post something, and here you are. Thanks for the pictures which added so much to what you had to say. All the greenery reminded me of the Nukna Village where my Godson’s older brother and family visit while in Papua New Guinea translating the Bible in their language. Such poverty, yet there is such joy on the face of the beautiful Christian woman whose picture you posted. WOW!! Makes me feel pretty puny in my walk with the Lord. Praising God with you for David’s divine appointment with the funeral procession. Anxious to hear more firsthand when you return. To God be the Glory now and forever and ever.
    Love and prayers–Marian


  2. Great to read what you are experiencing in Ethiopia. I know exactly what you mean by a snapshot cannot come close to the Big Picture!
    We pray for each one of you daily!


  3. Thank you, Nancy. This is as touching as it it exciting. The photos are fantastic and give us at least a sense of the beauty and pathos you are experiencing. Great heavenly perspective! Now as I am praying I can better picture the people, homes, weather and terrain you are encountering. May God bless your remaining time there.


  4. Thank you, Nancy for your amazing pictures and for sharing your experiences. Praying that God would use you to touch the hearts of those who don’t know Him yet and to encourage the Christians that He puts in your path. What an amazing place, yet so heart wrenching.
    May God bless you and keep you safe as you serve Him.


  5. Hi Nancy,
    Not sure why I got this post late. Seeing all the pictures and reading what is happening brought tears to my eyes. So happy God is opening doors and your team is there sharing God’s truth. It is wonderful how you and the team is just trusting God each day and following his lead to whoever comes your way. Still Praying for all of you and can’t wait to hear more about your mission when you get home.


  6. Thank you Nancy for this picture of life in the villages and for sharing the divine appointments you’ve experience. Praying now that our amazing God will bring amazing fruit from your efforts and encouragements you left in Ethiopia.


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