September 2016: Field Day 5

By Allison Johnson:

Yesterday (Friday) we were told to go to one house and then go where the spirit lead us. We were at the first house when my mother decided to let Melissa share the gospel. We didn’t know that they were already Christians. While Melissa was sharing the gospel a little Ethiopian girl came and stood a few feet away from me. While she stood there she looked at me draw. Once I saw her I motioned her to come. Once she did I picked her up into my lap. Once the gospel was over and we knew that they were already christians, she got up and went inside. Then I went to sit by my mother.

Then my mother told Melissa to do an I am Second story. While Melissa was doing an I am Second story I played with the kids. I taught them how to draw and they taught me what they knew.

After Melissa’s I am Second story we went inside for coffee. There was a man who couldn’t walk because his foot was broken. So after coffee we prayed for him. Then we left and started walking.

Right when we walked by the school, school got out. There were probably fifty kids who crowded us and started walking with us. A few minutes later, Mesfin told the children to sit down. Then he told me to share the gospel. I shared the gospel to all of the kids. Then once I was done we figured out they were all Christians.

Then we went to another house to share an I Am Second story to encourage their faith. Then we started walking to the meeting place. On the way we saw a donkey cart. Mesfin asked the man if we could ride it and he said yes. So we rode the donkey cart the rest of the way to the meeting place. Once we got to the meeting place we waited.

Then we went back to the hotel. After about one hour we got back in the van. We drove the van to a place called Paradise Lodge.

When we got there we saw that there was a massage place, a swimming pool, a cool playground and a bunch of other cool stuff. We went to go have dinner. I got a coke. There also was a buffet. There was so much food that I almost was able to try them. After dinner there was ice cream. Three flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I chose chocolate and it was delicious.

After dessert we went to the playground. It was the best playground ever. There was a trampoline, a seesaw and a (you know the teacups at disneyland? it was similar to that). There were also the best swing sets ever. I can’t even explain how cool it was. That was only half. The other half I can’t even explain.

After 15 minutes of playground, we went to a really big room. In that room we did a team meeting. A little bit into the team meeting we did communion. We had crackers for bread and the weirdest drink.

That was pretty much my day.

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