F R I D A Y !

By The Emilys.

Today was a great day!

Our first stop of the day was Cherry’s ministry. Cherry’s ministry works to help get women off the streets. First, the staff goes out into the streets to meet women in prostitution and to get to know them. They identify women who really want to get out of prostitution and then run a one year program for those women. The program helps to enable them to find new ways to support themselves and also introduces them to God. Cherry’s ministry is currently helping about 90 women and almost all of these women will leave prostitution and come to Christ. How cool! After hearing Cherry tell about her ministry, we had the opportunity to meet about 20 women and their children that were in the one year program. These women had started the program this week so we just introduced ourselves and said hi to all of them. It was so fun to greet everyone. They were all very friendly and introduced themselves with big smiles. Then we went to the minstry’s shop, where we bought scarves and jewelry that some of the women made. The profits from the scarves and jewelry goes directly to the woman that made them. These profits enable them financially, so they are able to leave life on the streets.

Later today, we bought bicycles that the LifeBridge youth group raised money for. In order to raise money, everyone in the youth group was given a bracelet that had the word priceless on it. When we were asked about the bracelet, we told them about Ethiopia and the people that are trafficked and then asked the person we were explaining this to if they would give a dollar to the fundraiser. God was clearly present when we were trying to raise money for these bikes. For a long time, we were trying to raise money for them, but we did not raise a lot at first. A few weeks before the deadline for raising the money, a lot of money came in. We were able to buy 5 bikes for the disciple makers! These bikes will help disciple makers travel to the villages they will serve at. It will make their trips faster and easier. It was really awesome for us (the 2 Emilys), Lucy and Rachel to be a part of buying the bikes.

The day ended with us riding in a bus to Fiche. It was great to get to talk with everyone, play cards, and listen to Rachel and Lucy play ukelele on the bus. Tomorrow is gonna be great! Peace out!!

One thought on “F R I D A Y !

  1. Dear Emily and friends
    I am so impressed that you chose this as your senior trip and I’m praying for you that you will never forget the impact it made on you and that those to you ministered too will be able to see Jesus through you.


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