By Rachel

Today, we visited a village we went to last year when we visited Fiche. The team was visiting house churches that had been formed after we left. House churches are small groups of believers that meet together; not necessarily in a house. I was on a team with Tom and Lucy. The church members sang 2 church songs for us in their native language, Oromo. Lucy had brought her ukulele, so her and I sang 10,000 reasons to the church. Afterwards, we prayed for the church and headed to a large house to wait for the other teams. At that house, I actually saw someone that I had met the last time I went to this village: the little girl in the green shawl! I’m pretty sure she recognized me as well, because she didn’t want to leave my side. I didn’t want to leave hers either; honestly I just wanted to bring her back to America. My dad blessed her baby brother last year, and I saw him too. He grew a lot in one year! It was really cool to meet people I had seen last year, and to see how they’d grown, both physically and spiritually.

The girl in the green shawl, then and now.

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