Never Have I Ever…

By Lucy
Field Day #1

I honestly can’t count the amount of new things I’ve seen today. Today was the first village visit this trip as well as the first time ever for me. The team I was on included Erin Johnson, our translators, and our disciple maker. The first thing I noticed about the first house was how hospitable the family was. They made us traditional Ethiopia food as well as amazing coffee. I even got to help make the coffee as well as feed the animals. It turns out they also invited neighbors and friends to hear us speak. I have to admit, I felt really nervous especially since there was a 2 way translation from English to Amharic to Oromo. Erin asked me to share the evangacube which told the story of Jesus. Luckily the visit went smoothly and all the adults who heard accepted Christ at the end. I was overjoyed to see all the people hear the story of Christ and believe in him. One of the other houses we visited had one large family with an elderly woman who was mostly quiet the whole time. I did the cube on human trafficking and after the disciple maker did the evangacube after only hearing it a few times. The message was received well and they also all accepted. Seeing the work of God in people just made my day. Only He could’ve lead all these people to him. Afterwards we asked the elderly woman about herself and her family. She told us 2 of her sons had died because she did not make a sacrifice to Satan. Right after, the Ethiopians on my team talked amongst themselves and all thought she was demon possessed. We asked to pray over her so she walked to the middle of the room and we prayed over her that the demon be cast out. After the prayer she accepted Jesus and promised to proclaim him. She had this calm look on her face afterwards and Erin said the demon had been cast out. This was a pretty crazy thing I had just witnessed especially on my first field day. We visited one more house were I got to play with the children. Then Erin saw Tom and Dave and welcomed them in. Then Dave shared the gospel with two new women as well as the children. All accepted Jesus and then we made our way to meet the other teams. It really hit me on the bus ride back how blessed I was to get to see God work in the hearts of the Ethiopians. I can’t image how great it will be to visit homes for 4 more days.

6 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever…

  1. A wonderful report Erin. God is great. So happy that your trip has been filled with wonderful experiences and that God is using you so beautifully. Carol Sumner


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