Impressions of Ethiopia

By Dave Kendall

After three days of visits to Ethiopian homes in Oromo, the thing that stands out the most is the hospitality of the Ethiopian people. They do not have a lot but they treated us as honored guests and gave us the best of what they have. We were fed lunch in almost everyone home we visited. This means five lunches a day for us! They were kind, respectful and truly happy to see us. Most accepted Jesus after our discussions and were very excited to join the family of Christian believers.

We heard several stories of human trafficking that have happened in the area. Their stories matched the worst examples in our Priceless cube presentation. This validated the need to keep educating the people about this tragic business.

Ethiopia is a beautiful country. We are in a farming area that is composed of rolling hills of grassland and plowed fields. The elevation is roughly 9,000 ft. Water is the primary factor that drives the health and prosperity of the families we visited. They asked us to pray for good rain this year which should start in May. I would love to see hills turn green after the rains come.

I believe we are making a difference in the lives of these wonderful people and am very glad I came on this mission trip. The training we received and experiences we share during our daily team meetings makes all of us on the mission better Christians. I can’t wait to share the pictures and the stories with my church when I get home.

God is good!

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