A Day of Contrasts

By Wendy

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. It was our last day visiting the village homes. So we spent the early part of the day in mud huts with no electricity or running water. Then we drove back to the big city, Addis, where we were able to have a warm shower and a comfortable bed to sleep in. In the village the families offered us the best they had- coffee, injera with beans, or cabbage and potatoes, or popcorn. We used our hands to scoop this off the large communal platter. In Addis, we went to a beautiful modern restaurant with a view. We could choose from a large menu and ate with fine plates, silverware, and glasses. The differences were literally day and night, in both time and circumstance.

Crossing from their reality to ours, I feel the greater sense of responsibility with what I have been given, and so thankful for the honor of sharing the hope of Jesus here. That morning Dave K and I visited 18 people, all of whom accepted the Lord. What a joy to know that we will all meet again in Heaven one day, where there is no more struggle or want, and we will feast together side by side. What a great party that will be!

4 thoughts on “A Day of Contrasts

  1. Thanks be to God for His servant Wendy and all those on this mission trip spreading the gospel to the people of Ethiopia. Praying safe travels home for all. Happy Easter, Resurrection Sunday! 🕆


  2. It is a challenge and a blessing to read the posts from each member of the team, and see how the Lord is working in the lives of each person involved. Praying for a safe trip home!


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