His Power and Glory

By Rachel H:
Some of you may know that for a long time, I have wanted to see a demon being cast out.


However, over the last few months, I realized that I wanted to see this miracle for all the wrong reasons-I thought it would be kind of neat to see, an interesting story to tell afterwards. I didn’t have God’s glory as the priority for seeing this miracle, which is probably why I never saw it happen on past trips.


Before this trip, I decided that in order to truly want the demon to be cast out for God’s glory, I would have to stop wanting it to happen. This would assure that if the opportunity arose, I would be in the moment and wanting the demon cast out merely for the glory of God. Today, my dad and I were a team. Usually I have my slowest spiritual days with my dad, but today was super different.


In our third house, we had told the family about human trafficking and were about to leave, but we remembered to ask the family if they wanted us to pray for anything. They told us that their 12 year old son, Gary, couldn’t speak. Our disciple maker (the local Christian that will go back to every house we visit) said he couldn’t speak because he had an evil spirit (aka demon). I asked how he could tell, and our disciple maker said Gary was scared of Christians; he wouldn’t come near them. My dad and I asked if Gary could be brought into the house so we could pray over him.


When his dad pulled him into the house, Gary was severely struggling. He did NOT want to come anywhere near us. We told him not to be afraid, laid our hands on him, and began praying. We prayed heavily, praying over each other and praying constantly for several minutes. We rebuked the demon in Jesus’ name and asked God to heal Gary. I couldn’t see a difference in him, but felt better because we had prayed.


We said our goodbyes to everyone and left for the 4th house, and after we were done at the 4th house, my dad saw Gary in its yard. Instead of running away from us like earlier, he walked up to us and was smiling and laughing! The disciple maker said the spirit was still in Gary, but it seemed like it was on its way out. At the very least, he was no longer scared of Christians. It was an amazing experience…that I was able to want so God could show His power and receive the glory. 🙂


The whole team would appreciate your prayers for Gary: that the spirit would leave him, that he’d be able to speak, and that he could use his voice to be a light for God in his village.

One thought on “His Power and Glory

  1. Good heart and motive check Rachel. Praying for Gary that he will not just gain his speech but more importantly his salvation. May it always be God who is glorified!


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