Easter in Ethiopia

By Allison S.

Today was Easter here in Ethiopia. Two years ago, on my very first Ethiopia trip, we went to the village of Brite on my very first day in the field. Every single person we shared the gospel with accepted Christ. Last year we had the privilege of visiting the home churches that were planted after our visit. The amount of Christians in the village had increased by more than 150%!

Today we celebrated Easter in this village. My heart has never been so full as when seeing people, who I had the honor of praying with to receive Christ two years ago, gather together for worship. These people are in fire for the Lord and full of joy.

We clapped and worshipped alongside them. There is nothing like Ethiopian worship. They don’t just sing with their voices. They worship with their entire bodies. Their love for the Lord and desire to pour out their praises to Him is evident. The children led a few of the songs, and those were my favorite.

This was the best way to start our week of village visits together. Seeing the fruits of our labor and how God is moving fills our hearts and energizes us for the days ahead. We can’t wait to tell more people about our Savior!

5 thoughts on “Easter in Ethiopia

  1. Wow! So encouraged to hear what God is doing!! Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing. Praying for a blessed rest of your trip.


  2. Happy Easter again! How cool to be worshipping our Risen Savior in Ethiopia! Praying that your team will have a fruitful trip.


  3. So encouraged to see what God is doing in Ethiopia. May God continue to bless this ministry and your service there. . You are all in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️🙏🏼


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