Full Hearts

By Allison S.

My very favorite days are the ones when we park at the top of a mountain, and our translators say, “Okay, this is the village,” when there are no houses in sight. Why are these villages my favorite? Because in my experience, in these remote villages the sweetest, most welcoming people you’ve ever met are waiting to invite us into their homes.

We hiked a good three miles down the mountain before arriving at our first house. Because of the hike, we were told to decline food or coffee to save time. The family ignored our request to skip the meal, and they continued preparing coffee and lunch. People kept pouring into the hut, filling every possible space, and before the food was served we were told that all of the families we were scheduled to visit for the day were in that one home.

Since they were all together, we were able to take our time and enjoy every moment with them. We broke bread together and got to know one another. When we shared our purpose for visiting them, the families hung onto every word. Jax shared the gospel using the Evangecube, and when he asked if anyone wanted to pray to receive Christ, every single person in the hut stood up eagerly. Mosisa, our translator, went around to every person to get confirmation that they knew what they were praying before leading them in prayer.

When we said, “Amen!” they all burst into spontaneous applause, and the the joy that only comes from knowing God shone on their faces. Every person I meet while here in Ethiopia is special, but some people, like these families, are especially hard to say goodbye to. We embraced extra long and tight before heading back up the mountain with full hearts.

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