“I Accept Jesus! I Love the Lord!”

By Rick

Wow, what an amazing day! At our first house we met an amazing Person of Peace. A Person of Peace is someone who receives the message, receives the messenger and is influential in the village. He not only accepted the Lord but also went to multiple houses helping us explain the gospel message in the homes.

His prayer request was to have a Bible, so he can learn more about God. He went over the top receiving the messenger. When we walked to the next house I saw the Person of Peace and David Helfrick, my team partner, holding hands. This is a sign of friendship in Ethiopia. Lastly the Person of Peace was the Deputy of Agriculture. He is very influential. The Deputy of Agriculture determines how much each home gets in seeds for their farm. We were in a farming district so as you can imagine the Deputy of Agriculture is incredibly influential and powerful. It was so awesome watching God move in this man’s heart. Praise the Lord. Speaking of Praise the Lord. The last house we went to the man of the house was so excited about accepting the Lord, he pumped his hands in the air and yelled, “I accept Jesus. I love the Lord”. It was so amazing seeing lives change in a dramatic way.

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