The Body of Christ

By Brendan

We say it all the time in Church, but we rarely ponder it, at least I don’t. We often wonder how to do church better or how to grow our church body. But yesterday I was given an opportunity to participate with the body of Christ, with parts I had never met. I know many members on the side of the body I live on, down near the shin, but meeting these other parts across the body was a gift. I’ll tell you what I saw, open eyes, listening ears, anticipant mouths, and ready hands and feet.

On Saturday we met our “disciple makers” the men and women that would be establishing the churches in the villages we are evangelizing. Long after we are gone these would be the ones to journey with the people of these villages that have come to know Jesus.

In a simple church gathered these 40 disciple makers that would be ministering alongside us. We met them, worshipped with them and prayed with them, inviting the Holy Spirit to be the crux of our ministry. It was a beautiful sight and would be an accurate picture as to how our week would go, partnership.

One aspect of the day that blessed me was to have the opportunity to help train the disciple makers alongside Mark and our main Ethiopian ministry partner (Samuel : not his real name). Samuel began with overall theology and ministry training about; what the church is, who builds it, and how we participate. It was so encouraging to see their eager note taking as well as their excitement. I got the opportunity to teach about Christ in our ministry, that He does the work and we are blessed to participate. My main teaching point was that we contribute nothing to our salvation so in the same way Christ is the one who is effective in saving the souls of those who we would be witnessing to. I was as well able to share a bit of my testimony, furthering the fact that Christ does all the work. I then finished with sharing the evange-cube, which is the tool we use to share the Gospel. Mark then taught an awesome lesson on following up with those who we pastor and how to train up new leaders, disciples making disciples.


It has been an amazing time here in Ethiopia, God has been faithful to us and extremely kind. If you are reading this at home and are feeling “ I wish I could do something big like that” you can; Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself. To die to self and love God and those around you is the biggest most radical thing you can do!

Thanks for your love, your support and your prayers! (Katie if you’re reading this, I love you!)

In Christ,

Brendan Heffernan

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