God’s Perfect Timing

By David Helfrick:

For me, a highlight of the trip was two distinct instances where I saw God’s perfect timing in action. On two different days, my team for the day had plans at a certain home to move rather quickly in the particular home, because of time constraints. In each case, someone came into the home unplanned, and as a result heard the gospel became a Christian that day. Had we kept our schedule according to “our plan”, neither of these people would have even had the opportunity to hear the gospel that day.

I won’t steal anyone’s particular thunder, but we had some amazing specific things happen on this trip. Suffice it to say that we had ample evidence that God was working in these villages even before we arrived.



A second general highlight for me is the fact that so many responses were “we agree with this message, we will think on it and please return.” For Muslim and Orthodox communities, this is not the norm. This is further evidence that the Holy Spirit was moving even before we arrived.

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