Loving on All the Families

By Zane:

The first day of villages was awesome! Me and Matt went out with our interpreter Kado. we went to 5 houses and everyone accepted God! However I was feeling strange however, it all seemed to easy we went in sat down talked for a little bit and shared the message. It all seemed to simple with hardly any opposition. Then the second day came along. I was feeling awesome because I was with Rick and he’s super cool and I like him a lot. So we head to our first house which is actually our guides house. We were feeling good and sat down and talked for awhile. We shared the priceless cube and they were all very grateful for the message. Then we shared the evangecube. The owner of the house informed us very respectfully that they were muslim and they didn’t want to change there religion. This was my first time having someone say no to me and it really sucked. And then we found out that our guide who was with us the entire day, and had already told us that he would not change from his religion, was the villages opinion leader. Which means all of the peoples opinions are made from this guy. So that’s great hahah. So he was with us in every house and since he was the leader he spoke for all of the people so we got the same answer all 5 houses. However during the morning Laurel shared her message which was about encouragement and staying strong in your belief. So it was totally God speaking to me from the morning. Also me and Rick and our disciple maker and interpreter got to pray over a boy who had been disabled for ten years. When we first went into the house he was crying and moaning and as soon as we laid our hands on the child he became silent immediately and we didn’t hear him again. So that was super cool but overall trip is going awesome, having super fun and feeling way closer to God, having lots of fun playing frisbee and soccer with the kids (that’s my favorite thing), and just loving on all the families.

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