What God Can Do

By Allison S.

It was the hardest day and the best day.

I didn’t even think I could get out of bed this morning. Jax and I had spent the night taking turns vomiting into a bucket. I don’t share this because I want sympathy. I share it to demonstrate what God can do. We were physically incapable of doing anything in our own strength this morning. Yet we knew that if we stayed in bed there would be people who didn’t hear the Word. We prayed together, gave each other pep talks, and set out on our final day in the village.

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God’s Not Dead

By Mia

I remember a movie I watched with a friend a few years ago. While I can’t recall every detail of the film, I most certainly remember the name of the movie being “God’s Not Dead”. The title struck me then and still does now. The idea is that because we don’t witness miracles such as those recounted in biblical times (especially in America), it’s possible to presume that God is either dead or simply never existed at all.
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By Allante

On Friday night, I shared a devotional with the team on obeying God and overcoming fear. As I would be celebrating my 30th birthday on this trip, I felt God calling me to be bold like never before. Specifically using my voice, which was weird because God knows I hate public speaking and I don’t feel it is a strength of mine. I have spent majority of my 20’s living in fear. I have held back and not done or said things out of fear. I have delayed moving when God said move, out of fear. I have not fully depended on God, out of fear. So finally, I am refusing to let fear take over my life.
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Easter in Ethiopia

By Allison S.

Today was Easter here in Ethiopia. Two years ago, on my very first Ethiopia trip, we went to the village of Brite on my very first day in the field. Every single person we shared the gospel with accepted Christ. Last year we had the privilege of visiting the home churches that were planted after our visit. The amount of Christians in the village had increased by more than 150%!
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