God’s Perfect Timing

By David Helfrick:

For me, a highlight of the trip was two distinct instances where I saw God’s perfect timing in action. On two different days, my team for the day had plans at a certain home to move rather quickly in the particular home, because of time constraints. In each case, someone came into the home unplanned, and as a result heard the gospel became a Christian that day. Had we kept our schedule according to “our plan”, neither of these people would have even had the opportunity to hear the gospel that day.

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Loving on All the Families

By Zane:

The first day of villages was awesome! Me and Matt went out with our interpreter Kado. we went to 5 houses and everyone accepted God! However I was feeling strange however, it all seemed to easy we went in sat down talked for a little bit and shared the message. It all seemed to simple with hardly any opposition. Then the second day came along. I was feeling awesome because I was with Rick and he’s super cool and I like him a lot. Continue reading “Loving on All the Families”

The Body of Christ

By Brendan

We say it all the time in Church, but we rarely ponder it, at least I don’t. We often wonder how to do church better or how to grow our church body. But yesterday I was given an opportunity to participate with the body of Christ, with parts I had never met. I know many members on the side of the body I live on, down near the shin, but meeting these other parts across the body was a gift. I’ll tell you what I saw, open eyes, listening ears, anticipant mouths, and ready hands and feet.
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Not the Same

By Allison Sonnier

Three years ago I boarded a plane for my first trip to Ethiopia.  I had no idea at the time that it was the first of many.  God had plans for my life far beyond what I had imagined.  As I’ve been packing and preparing to leave in two days, I’ve been reflecting on His goodness.

Not too long ago I let anxiety rule my life and dictate my decisions.  I said yes to that first Ethiopia trip, because I clearly heard the voice of God calling me.  When God calls, you don’t say no.  Well, sometimes we try, right?  But really, it doesn’t make any sense to say no.  He calls us for a reason and with a purpose, not only for His plans to impact others but also for His plans to shape us.  Have you experienced this in your life?

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