Meet April 2017!

Tom Trotter the Cheetah Trainer-


This pic was taken seconds before I lost my left hand in Africa. OK, that’s not quite true, but I do use this pic as a training aid of how NOT to touch the wildlife. God unmistakably called me on this trip when I learned it was loaded with so many young people. How could I not come and watch how God is using our youth to reach the lost? Every single trip I get to see God work in a new way. We go to bless others, but time and again we are the ones blessed. Amazing journey. Are you ready to go with us next time?

Erin Johnson-

IMG_3261Erin is an e3 staff member and Senior Trip Leader. She is a member of LifeBridge Church and lives in San Diego with her husband, Rick, and their 5 kids. She loves reading, barre classes, and going to the circus!




Shannon Beezer-

IMG_4380I am so excited and grateful to join this amazing team on a journey to share the love and hope of Jesus with the Ethiopian people. It has been a lot of years since my last missions trip, and my heart has missed seeing and feeling the power of the Gospel in this way, and watching the impact of reaching out and sharing the Good News with others around the world. Please pray for open hearts, and for a lasting impact in Ethiopia that is far greater than we can even imagine! Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

Rachel Helfrick-

image1To all those who do not know: this shall be my fourth trip!!!!!! I totally cannot wait to go back and see what God has in store for me – and the rest of the team – this time. I’m also hoping to not get or be sick on this trip – I know, picky right? I just know this trip will be just as amazing as every other trip!


Dave Helfrick- 

DavidCoverImage2Hi everyone!  After 30 years of “bravely refusing” to go on a missions trip, I finally obeyed God’s calling about 2 years.  Now I’m about to go on my fifth trip to Ethiopia.  I know God continues to call me on these trips, and I believe at least part of that is to take my daughter Rachel as well.  I do think at times I am becoming a missionary’s father.  I am excited to think of God saving many more souls in these next two weeks.  It is going to be awesome. My prayer request is simply that you pray for us as often as God brings us to your minds, because your prayers make such a difference.

Wendy Hunter-

IMG_4093I am so excited to be going on my first mission trip.  It is an extra special blessing because God first called my daughter, Lucy, to go.  And through that, He also called me!  Please pray for faith, good health, strength, and endurance.  Looking forward to seeing God work in and through our team, and sharing the joy of hearts discovering Him!

Lucy Hunter- 


Hi. My name is Lucy Hunter and I’m going to be going on the team to Ethiopia. I decided to go because of my friend who told me about all the amazing things she got to be part of on her trip. This is going to be my first time going and I hope to learn a lot from God and teach the Ethiopians about the dangers of human trafficking and the life saving story of Jesus.


Emily Johnson-

IMG_6908I am a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School. I will be going to college at UC Davis in September. I am super excited to go on this trip to Ethiopia. I have been to Ethiopia twice and after one of the trips, my friend and I decided that we would go together our senior year, so we are going! Please pray that school work won’t be too hard to make up since I will be missing school for a few days. Also, pray that God opens the hearts of the Ethiopians to His message. Thank you so much!!

Dave Kendall- 

DSCF2551Retired after 31 years as a Navy pilot and 10 years as a defense contractor; married with one son. Became a Christian about 36 years ago after Anne and I were married.  This trip to Ethiopia is my second mission trip.  I am going because I want to help people learn about Jesus so it can change their lives as it has changed mine.

Mia Routh- 

IMG_1750 2I am a native San Diegan and honorary Coloradoan. I love all things outdoors and have a heart for kids.. I really want to be one when I grow up! While my true love is the mountains, I have been incredibly blessed recently by time spent in San Diego with friends and family and have even learned to love the beach! One of the greatest blessings of my time here has been in connecting with Student Life at LifeBridge Church which God has worked through to call me on this upcoming trip to Ethiopia. Please pray for guidance and boldness on this trip and for Christ himself to speak through each of us while we do His work to share the Word and show His love and compassion to the beautiful people of Ethiopia!

Jax Sonnier- 


This is my third trip to Ethiopia.  I want to keep going back, because I want everyone to know about Jesus. I love playing with the Ethiopian kids and learning about their culture.




Allison Sonnier- 

IMG_2748This will be my third trip to Ethiopia.  The people of Ethiopia have stolen my heart, and I am forever grateful God has chosen to use me in this way.  I have the privilege of taking my oldest son Jax on these trips and watching him tell people about Jesus.  There is nothing better!  My husband Mike and I have three younger boys as well. I look forward to the day when all six of us can travel to Ethiopia together.  Between homeschooling, running a home business, and being involved in our church, we stay busy.  I often joke that I get more sleep on the plane rides to Ethiopia than I do the rest of the year.

Emily Wilken-

Wilken_201703_0184-RTI’m a senior at RB, and this will be my first trip to Ethiopia. I have been on a few missions trips within the US and have been blessed to see God work in my own life and in the lives of others on those trips. I’ve wanted to go to Ethiopia since Emily Johnson first went and told me about her trip, and I’m so excited it’s finally happening! Please pray that myself, the rest of the team, and the Ethiopians will be open to God and will trust in Him and in what He is doing.

Marela Jeffrey-


I was blessed to go to Ethiopia last year, where I fell in love with missions and knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. So I moved to Florida where I am currently in training to be a life-long missionary! Ethiopia has remained on my heart since the day I left, and I am so excited to be going back!! I cannot wait to see the amazing things God will/ is already doing with the Oromo people!