Meet the Team

Meet April 2019!

Erin Johnson – 



 Hi I’m Erin! I’m a Senior Trip Leader for e3 Partners. I am a member of LifeBridge Church and live in San Diego with my husband, Rick, and our 5 kids. I love reading, barre classes, and going to the circus!




Allison Sonnier – 


Hi my name is Allison, and I’m on staff with e3 Partners. God called me to Ethiopia in 2016, and I have a passion for unreached people. My husband and I have been married for twelve years, and we have four boys who I homeschool. Ethiopia holds a special place in our hearts, and I’m excited to be going back!



Alan Perkins –


My name is Alan Perkins.  My wife is Cathy.  I have worked for ConocoPhillips for 34 years and will retire in the near future.  My favorite thing to do is travel the world and share the love of Christ. This will be our 8th African mission trip.  Each African country has been a very unique experience.  I love the African people!  I am excited and thankful to be a part of this team.

Allison J –



Hello, I am Allison Johnson, the child of the amazing Erin Johnson, the remarkable trip leader. I am in 7th grade at Bernardo Heights Middle School. I have gone to Ethiopia 4 times and this will be my 5th time. I am so excited to go to Ethiopia and see the beautiful people and share the love of God.



Brendan Heffernan –


My name is Brendan Heffernan and I have the blessing of being the Youth Pastor at LifeBridge Church! I love missions that are for the sake of the Gospel but my beautiful wife loves them even more, so much that her college degree is in missions! Being in the water is my jam and student ministry is my passion. Thanks for supporting and praying for our team!




Cathy Perkins – 

Cathy's picture

Greetings from Oklahoma!  My name is Cathy Perkins.  I live in Elk City with my husband, Alan.  We have 5 children and 7 beautiful grandchildren.  I work as a medical assistant for a Family Practice doctor in Elk City – I am blessed to be able to love and minister to people while on the job.  While at home I enjoy cooking, reading and gardening.  I love the GREAT ADVENTURE that my husband and I have been on for the past 13 years – having opportunity to travel to many countries as Evangelists.  How we LOVE SHARING JESUS!  I am so excited to work in Ethiopia, and to watch how God draws those sweet people to Himself!  Excited, too, to meet all of you – we always consider our missionary friends our extended family!  See you soon!

David Helfrick – 

daveAs I start my 6th decade (no, I’m not 60), God has called me to return to Ethiopia.  I’ve been there a handful of times already, and it is an honor and blessing to have a chance to return.  I am really looking forward to experiencing and being a part of what God will do there.  None of my wife and two daughters are traveling this time.  Even so, I know they will be fully engaged in the trip.  You can read about my “reluctant missionary” experience in a prior trip bio.

Kai S –



Hi my name is Kai, and I’m seven years old. I am excited to go to Ethiopia and tell people about Jesus. I like to play soccer and go to Sea World with my family.





Laurel Beezer – 

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Hi everyone, my name is Laurel! I am so ridiculously excited to go to Ethiopia for my first time. This is my 2nd overseas missions trip, but far more out of my comfort zone than the last. I love espresso, new people, and I’m always down for an adventure. I can’t wait to see what God does through this trip.

Marie V –

Marta & Marie for 2019 website

Hi I’m Marie and this will be my 2nd trip to Ethiopia with e3 Partners. In 2017 I met Marta, pictured next to me. I knew she was special the moment I met her and felt a bond I cannot explain. After hearing the Gospel, she immediately choose to follow Jesus and moments after that she began to share with her neighbors. I’m excited to return to Ethiopia and take part in helping more believers, like Marta, bring their family and friends to Jesus.

Mark Staples –


Hi – I’m Mark.  I’ve been a pastor for 25 years and a part of many short-term missions teams during that time.  As a new resident of SD and LifeBridge Church, I’m excited to go to Africa for the first time to love the people of Ethiopia and share with them the life-changing news of Jesus.  I’m excited to serve under the leaders of this team and with my fellow team members and I’m looking forward to seeing things accomplished that only God can do.

Matt Evanston – 



Hi! My name is Matt. This is my second time going to Ethiopia. I super excited to be able to be a small part of what God is already doing in Ethiopia and to see what God teaches me about himself through the people I will meet over there. Also excited to eat some goat jerky. My hobbies make me seem way more active than I really am, but I like playing basketball,  going fishing, and climbing.


Nathan J – 




Hi, my name is Nate, I’m in 4th grade, and I’m 10! I have been to Ethiopia 3 times and I loved it! My best friend lives in Ethiopia and his name is Dan!



Nicole Marshall –



Hi! My name is Nicole.  I live in San Diego with my husband, son, and daughter, whom I homeschool.  This will be my first mission trip…yea!  Africa has beckoned to my heart for many years, and the Lord made it abundantly clear that I join the team on their trip to Ethiopia.  To say I’m thrilled to see how the Lord moves and works throughout this journey is an unbelievable understatement. In my free time, I love to read, hike, sew, and have adventures with my family.


Quinn Johnson – 




Hi, my name is Quinn. I’m a senior in high school. I like to surf, hangout, and my dog Samson.


Rick Johnson –


This is Rick Johnson.  I am very excited about going on my third trip to Ethiopia.  I am married to Erin the leader of our team.  We have five children and four of them are going on this trip which is such a blessing from God.  I love seeing the team transform lives in Ethiopia as well as the other team members.  We are definitely just as impacted as the Ethiopians.

Taylor Johnson –


Hi! I’m Taylor. I’m a twenty-something living in North Park (San Diego) with a love for Jesus and His amazing grace. I love doing life with people over a cup of coffee and seeing how Jesus brings out the goodness and beauty of others. This is my 4th trip to Ethiopia and my 5th trip with E3! I love watching how Jesus is moving in Ethiopia and am WAY too excited to see how he’s going to let us watch him do his work while we’re there.


Zane S – 


Hey there! My name is Zane, I’m a sophomore at Rancho Bernardo High School. I love competing at my high school in pole vault and basketball. I also like to surf especially with my youth pastor Brendan. I love hanging out with friends and especially my awesome family. I am very excited to be able to go to Ethiopia and have this amazing experience! I can not wait to see the way God works in the Ethiopians lives and mine as well!