Meet April 2018!

Erin Johnson-


Erin is an e3 staff member and Senior Trip Leader. She is a member of LifeBridge Church and lives in San Diego with her husband, Rick, and their 5 kids. She loves reading, barre classes, and going to the circus!




Les Smith-

Les Smith.jpg“You are a bridge for me to reach my people (with the Gospel)!” These were the words God used to call me to serve as a church planter in Ethiopia. They were spoken by one of our Ethiopian National Directors as he described the role of North Americans as we partner with Ethiopians to go in to homes in their country. Since that time in October of 2015 I have been preparing to serve full-time with e3 Partners. And beginning in January of this year I was able to leave my Associate Pastor position at the church I help start 12 years ago, to focus all my energy on reaching people with the Good News of Christ and planting churches in the US, Ethiopia and South Asia. I am truly grateful to be a part of this team as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit into various homes He has prepared to hear the life-changing message of the Gospel of Christ. // Les Smith – San Angelo, Texas


Allison Sonnier-

A huge part of my heart belongs in Ethiopia, and I am thrilled to be headed back.  I am a homeschooling mom of four boys.  My husband and I have been married eleven years, and I could not be more excited that he is joining me on this trip! I am on the worship team at my church and have a passion for sharing what God has done in my life.


Jax Sonnier-

Hi my name is Jax.   I am ten years old.  I like to play video games and sing in my church choir.  My favorite school subject is science, and I love the color red.  I’m very excited to go back to Ethiopia again.  It’s really fun teaching the gospel, and we always get to have fun.  When we go there we meet many different people and see their culture.  This will be my fifth time.


Jett Sonnier-

I’m eight years old.  While we’re in Ethiopia I will be turning nine. The reason I want to go is to lead many people to Christ and to see what it’s like there and to have fun there.


Mike Sonnier-

I am a 59 year old who from time to time has felt pulled to do a short term mission trip but never before answered the call. Through my wife and son’s encouragement and example, I’m ready to step out in faith.


Allante Hicks-

Hi! I am Allante Hicks originally a Michigan girl but currently living in the south, Atlanta to be exact! I am newly married to the love of my life, Michael Ryan and we will be celebrating 1 year in May. I will be turning 30 while in Ethiopia and I feel God calling me to be bold and courageous as I approach this new decade of life. I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and conquer my fears, knowing the the Lord will be with me wherever I go. While this will be my first international missions trips, I believe it’s only the beginning and I’m excited to see where God will lead me. I am passionate about caring and advocating for underserved/underprivileged communities and have dedicated the last 11 years serving in healthcare and social services. In my free time I enjoy reading, naps, pizza, being outdoors, working out and spending time with loved ones. I would greatly appreciate prayers for peace and strength during this time.


Mia Routh-

Resized95Rocky95Mountain-8One year ago, I followed God’s call to Ethiopia having absolutely no idea what to expect or where it was that the Lord was leading me. Through that expedition He ignited a fire in my heart to minister to some of His most impoverished and marginalized children while also working in my mind and soul to develop a deeper trust in Him. I’m eager to return on this trip back to Ethiopia to minister with even more of my heart for God’s Kingdom. I would sincerely appreciate prayers for boldness, guidance, and health for our team and that God would work in the hearts of His Ethiopian children to accept His love and grace!


Wendy Hunter-

wendyI live in San Diego with my husband and 2 teenage kids.  Last year, God called me and my daughter, Lucy, to go on our first mission trip to Ethiopia.  Since then, this place and these people have not left our hearts.  We are blessed to be able to return, and I look forward to seeing God transform lives — not only of the Ethiopians, but those of our team as well.


Lucy Hunter-

Lucy.JPGBeing called to do God’s work in Ethiopia again is truly a blessing. I am trilled that I will be able to celebrate my 16th birthday with the team in Ethiopia! I went on the trip last April with my mom and got to see God at work throughout the whole trip. I can’t wait to see how I can serve God this trip.


Rick Johnson-

RickI’m Erin’s husband.  I am excited about going to Ethiopia for the second time.  My first time was a whirlwind of new experiences and seeing people so readily desiring a relationship with God.  This time, I am looking forward to seeing God transform lives in Ethiopia, one of them being me.  It is such and honor to be used by God to share his gospel in Ethiopia.

Allison Johnson-

Ally.jpgI am a 12 year old 6th grader.  I am involved in music and drama at my middle school.  I have been to Ethiopia many times and love playing with the beautiful Ethiopian children.  Also, I can count to 10 in Amharic!  Sharing the gospel with those who have never heard about Jesus is amazing!


Quinn Johnson-

Quinn.jpgI am 17 years old; a junior in high school.  I like golf, girls and fast cars.  I am excited to be going to Ethiopia for the 2nd time.  My prayer request is that God teaches me something new.


Nathan Johnson-

NateI am 9 years old and in the 3rd grade.  I like to play and build with Legos.  I have the best mom and dad ever!  I love God with all of my heart.  My favorite subject is science and my teacher, Mrs. Rasmussen, is a scientist.  My prayer is that I get to see God and hear his voice.  This is my 2nd trip.  My favorite verse is John 3:16.  I want to see more of God’s wonderful miracles.  I can’t wait until I can teach people about God and go to Ethiopia.  I also like to ride my bike and climb rocks.  My favorite animals are dogs.


David Helfrick-

daveHi everyone!  After 30 years of “bravely refusing” to go on a missions trip, I finally obeyed God’s calling about 2 years.  Now I’m about to go on my seventh trip to Ethiopia.  I know God continues to call me on these trips, and I believe at least part of that is to take my daughter Rachel as well.  I do think at times I am becoming a missionary’s father.  I am excited to think of God saving many more souls in these next two weeks.  It is going to be awesome. My prayer request is simply that you pray for us as often as God brings us to your minds, because your prayers make such a difference.


Rachel Helfrick-

rachelTo all those who do not know: this shall be my sixth trip!!!!!! I totally cannot wait to go back and see what God has in store for me – and the rest of the team – this time. I’m also hoping to not get or be sick on this trip – I know, picky right? I just know this trip will be just as amazing as every other trip!


Ashely Anderson-

anderson+bride-71.jpgHi, I am Ashley Anderson, I am going on ten months of marriage with my wonderful husband Drew. Ethiopia is second my home, when I am in the States my heart longs to be back. My heart longs for sharing the gospel and educating about human trafficking. I am in school to be a trauma counseling for rape and trafficked victims. My very first trip to Ethiopia in 2015 sparked a huge passion in my heart for spreading God words, but also educating and preventing human trafficking. I’m excited to see how God is going to use this trip.



Jennifer Middlebrooks-

jennifer.PNGHi! My name is Jennifer Middlebrooks. I am from Ethelsville, Al. My husband Steve and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this December. We have 6 children. Our oldest, who is also our only girl, is 26 and our youngest is 14. We live on 30 acres in the country where we enjoy fishing, gardening, an assortment of animals, and just walking in the woods. I went on my first mission trip out of the country in 1995 and God has given me a passion for “going into all the world” to share the Gospel ever since. I had the privilege of going to Ethiopia on an e3 trip a year and a half ago and just love the people and the country. I am so excited about being on mission with this team and seeing God’s saving grace at work! Thank you so much for your prayers over us and for Ethiopia!