Prayers & Praise: April 2017


Please join us in praying for our Ethiopian brothers and sisters as we share some of their specific requests:


The Oromo people of Fiche and the surrounding villages depend heavily on farming for their health and wellbeing. Weather conditions and limited rain has made life extremely difficult in the region. Many families asked us to pray especially for rain for their crops and for a healthy harvest this season. Join us in praying that the Lord would bless these people with rain to nourish their land as He nourishes and restores their hearts.


Being a new Christian in a heavily Ethiopian Orthodox region is extremely challenging as many are persecuted for their faith in Jesus. Join us in praying that God would bless these families with His protection and providence as they grow in their faith in Christ and learn to trust more fully in Him.


While most of the families we met rely solely on their farmland and the men that work their fields, we also met many widows who are without a husband and without farmland to generate any income. Maintaining wellbeing under these circumstances is nearly impossible. Please join us in praying that God will bless these families and individuals with meaningful and sustainable work so that they are able to meet their physical needs while He alone meets and fulfills all their spiritual needs.

Children Lost to Human Trafficking

We witnessed firsthand the devastation of human trafficking in the region. We met countless families that had lost their children to traffickers. While it’s nearly impossible to understand the suffering and anguish of these families, we trust that God Himself can provide comfort and healing for their broken hearts. Please join us in praying specifically for the children that have been torn away from their families and forced into unbearable circumstances and for their families who are suffering from such tremendous loss.


We met many families who have members suffering in great pain from various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Join us in praying that God would heal these individuals and that their restored health and wellbeing would be a testament to and would bring glory to Him who can do all things.

Translators and Disciple Makers

We were incredibly blessed to work for God’s Kingdom in Ethiopia with some of His most amazing warriors. While we were there for just a brief moment in time to safely provide access to families in the region, our incredible Translators and Disciple Makers are the ones that are there to really do and continue God’s work. We were blessed to join them in bringing the good news to many families across the region but some of the hardest work is yet to be done. Please join us in praying for the Translators, Disciple Makers, and all of God’s warriors in the area as they travel back to the many homes we visited to teach and disciple our new brothers and sisters in Christ!

Faith and Growth/ Spreading the Gospel

It was a true joy and honor to serve the Lord by bringing His Gospel to the villages of Ethiopia. Many new families in Christ not only requested we pray for their personal faith and growth, but that they would also be used to spread God’s love and Gospel to the surrounding areas. Please join us in praying that God would deepen and strengthen their faith and that He would use them in mighty ways to bring many others into His glorious Kingdom!

While we were in the capital, Addis Ababa, we had the opportunity to visit several different ministries working to help what would appear to be “the least of these” in the Ethiopian city and we were truly blessed to witness the amazing ways God is working to bring about healing and wholeness in His perfect love to so many broken hearts. Please join us in praying for:

Street Children 

We were incredibly privileged to spend time at the Make Your Mark ministry in Addis that works to care for, minister to, and love the many street boys living alone on the streets of the capital. Please join us in praying for their ministry and praying for the thousands of street children that live in despair on the streets in Ethiopia. We pray that God would comfort, provide for, and heal their broken hearts and spirits and fill them with His love.

Women at Cherry’s

We were also blessed to meet Cherry and some of the many women that she ministers to by helping them escape lives of prostitution and find healing by inviting Jesus into their hearts and lives. Join us in praying for comfort and healing for the many women caught in desperate situations and that the Lord would move mightily in their lives.

Women at the Hamlin Fistula Clinic

The Hamlin Fistula Clinic in Addis was born from the outpouring of Christ’s love from the hearts of two Christian doctors, Dr. Reg and Dr. Catherine Hamlin. Over the years they have ministered to thousands of women and helped them find healing and wholeness in God’s unending love for them. Please join us in praying for God’s continued blessing over this ministry and for the many women in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in the region.

Though we witnessed many difficulties and struggles in the area, we also witnessed some of God’s great work and miracles and would love for you to join us in praising Him for what He has done while we all rejoice in His goodness!

Miraculous Healings

God moved in might ways during our home visits in the village and we were truly blessed to be a part of His work and the witness the many miracles He worked in our time there. We praise Him for His goodness and glory in several miraculous healings and demons cast out in His name and we pray that He will continue to use those miracles as a testament to His great faithfulness across the entire region.

His Protection

We praise God for the many stories we heard from the families whose children were miraculously spared from human traffickers in the area. We heard multiple stories from families about people that had come to the villages offering to take children but that through various small miracles the Lord kept those kids safe and at home with their families where they belong. We are so thankful for every individual child’s life that God spared from the hands of human traffickers and we pray that He would continue to protect and provide for those special children and their families. We also praise God for our personal safety throughout our entire trip and pray that He would continue to bless us with health and wellbeing so that we can continue to do His good work!

Translators and Disciple Makers of Great Faith

We were so incredibly blessed to work hand in hand with the local Ethiopian Translators and Disciple Makers. They were truly a joy to be around as the love of Christ shone clearly through their words and actions. We praise God that He gave each Translator and Disciple Maker a heart after His own and we pray that He would continue to bless and use them for the good of His mighty kingdom!

An Amazing Harvest

One thing was clear on this trip: God prepared the hearts and minds of the Ethiopians to receive His Word and we were merely there as the messengers to bring about a truly remarkable harvest in His name. We praise God that He chose to use each of us in such meaningful and special ways on this trip and that He further blessed us so tremendously in being part of such a great harvest! In the matter of a week, over 600 souls were saved to Christ. Glory to God!