The Lord’s Plan

By Jax:

The trip is a great trip. The best part is that I have the opportunity to share Jesus with the other people who are the same as us. They make me feel good and they make coffee to honor us. The only problem is that one house did not accept Jesus Christ the Lord so we pray for them. Yesterday some of the best things was that ten people had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior! I love that day when I have the opportunity to share with the people of my God….the Lord who loves!!! God is good! I’m so so so much blessed by the Lord! GOD IS GOOD!!! The Lord put me on the right path to share with people that God does not have to be feared… He has to be loved as He has loved us.

September 2016: The Great Commission

By Rebecca Shue:

When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” he wasn’t speaking directly to Americans, but somehow, in America, we developed this idea that we are the primary missionaries who must go out and witness to the “poor backward” world. It would be hypocritical for me to say that we shouldn’t go but we are really only a link in the chain.




Today we had an opportunity to worship with Ethiopian Christians. These churches are composed of people who learned about Christ through previous e3 trips. We drove only an hour from our hotel and the people were already speaking a different language. For us to speak to them required one translation into Amharic and another translation into their language, D’rusha. Twenty minutes further down the road, another portion of our group worshipped with people who spoke yet a different language. All this translating was fine for a special visit but not as a long term plan. But just imagine if each of the people in those churches learned the language of the people in the village next to them and shared the gospel themselves. That should be the true goal of American missions- churches that reproduce themselves.


The Ethiopians have such enthusiasm and love for Christ that it truly transcends language barriers. As we start our village days tomorrow, I am happy to know that we are assisting Ethiopian Christians as they carry out the Great Commission.


** pictures to be uploaded when the Wifi is better!

April 2016: Post from Tom: First Day

Our first day in the villages was exceptional beyond expectations. Thank you to all who are praying for us. The highlight of my day was watching 8 year old Jax Sonnier lead 13 adults to a salvation experience. I marveled at how God used him in hut after hut to lead people in crossing the line of faith.


Throughout the day I reflected time and again at how at 8 years of age Jax was doing something that most adults have never done. He was openly sharing the Gospel message and people were being drawn by the Holy Spirit to respond. As proud as I was of Jax’s efforts, my feelings paled in comparison to his mother’s, Alison. What a sweet day! Unsure I could have scripted it any better. For good reason, everyone sang loudly tonight at team devotion, Our God is An Awesome God. We saw Him all day today.
Although today was Sunday, we did not go to church. This Sunday we were the church.

April 2016: Post from Laurie: First Day

Who does not want to see the glory of God?  Cathy and I prayed that our translator  would be a believer and love the LORD.  Yesterday we met Milkeso, went over the Priceless and Evangecube as well as all the other necessary procedures we would use on the field.  We had time to spare so I asked him what he would say if he were sharing the gospel with people.  I wanted to get a feel for how he expressed his faith.  It was so wonderful when he shared the words and verses that he uses because I knew we were on the same page.  It was fabulous when he said we would go into the huts/homes with power!  Confirmation that he is led by the Holy Spirit meant EVERYTHING to us.

     Today, our first day going to the villages, after lots of prayer, the three of us and our disciple maker entered our first home.  There were 18 people, one third adults and two thirds children with most of them being teenagers.  All 18 stood to receive Jesus as their Savior.  We think a few of them were already believers but they were great examples to the rest.  Cathy asked them all if they wanted to hear a Bible story.  They said a resounding, “YES”.  So she told the story of Zaccheus.   It was delightful to watch Cathy sharing this story with great animation.  Milkeso, actively got into it so well that Cathy said it was like he was on Broadway!  What a joy.

      The next house belonged to a couple 70 years old who had been married 50 years.  When we shared the information about Human Trafficking that the government had asked us to, the old man turned to the 9 young ladies there and said, “This is for you.”  With a tender voice he spoke to them encouraging them to be aware of what can happen.  It was a beautiful thing to see.  We showed and gave him pictures of our families and he went to the cupboard and gave us EACH very small 1×1 inch photo of him.  HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?????

      At the house of a mother and 20 year old daughter we were blessed to watch that young woman soak up the information on human trafficking and thank us for it.  After that we shared the Evangecube.  When we asked them if they wanted to make a decision for Christ they both very kindly said no.  You should have seen and heard Milkeso.  He took over and very passionately told the woman what a negative decision would mean for them eternally and what a yes decision would mean for them eternally.  It took a few minutes of questions and answers and then he turned to me and said, “They are ready now”.  What a blessing it was to be used of God to lead them to Himself.  We also could not help praising the LORD for Milkeso’s passion and persistence.  When the women received Christ as their Savior they were so happy and completely knew what they had done.  When I told them they were my new sisters and part of the family of God they understood and were as happy as we were. The older woman hugged us so tight and did not want to let go.   When it was time to leave the village I saw the young lady.  I asked Milkeso how to say “sister” in their language and he said, “Obelito.”  I went to  her and said, “Nagahti, Obelito.”  That means goodbye sister.  She LOVED it and her smile was a big as mine.

      What great joy we had today as the Holy Spirit moved the hearts of the village people…and ours as well.  It is a privilege to work with people whose passion for Christ matches my own.  It’s a gift from God to be invited by Him to share His Gospel with people clear across the world from me…and see them come to Christ.  Our team shared stories today and everyone of them were a demonstration of the majesty of God.  Yes, God answered each of our prayers today.  Thanks to each of you that have been praying.  God’s answers are spectacular.  Please keep praying those effective prayers.  We depend on them.  You are part of our team. To Him be all glory and honor and praise.      


April 2016: Post from Bailie

I pray a lot about my future. One of these prayers for the last four years has been that international adoption would someday be a part of God’s great plan for my life. After meeting Andrea and talking with her, my eyes were opened. She adopted three children from the Philippines. But apart from that she has a children’s outreach program that she and her husband are a part of running.

Andrea and team member Taliah

She had a small eight year old Ethiopian child with her when we met. His name was Melkuanint. God spoke to me a lot through her story and Melkuanint’s story. This child had tuberculosis when he was little and it was never treated properly which left his hip completely deformed. He has been in pain for years. Andrea was preparing to take him to the hospital the next day for the extensive surgery he needed. He has been waiting for this surgery for two years because his mother wanted to keep him crippled so that when he begged they would get more money.

God really used this conversation to remind me that I can care for, invest in, and love children right now, wherever I am. He showed me that I don’t have to wait to adopt in order to make a difference in a child’s life. Andrea’s heart for children was very evident and has inspired me and challenged me greatly