Trip Details April 2017

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On this April 2017 Expedition, a team of 14 believers will be traveling to Addis Ababa and Fiche located in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia to make a Kingdom difference and to share God’s Gospel of love, compassion, and joy with people in the area.

While in Addis, we hope to visit the Hamlin Fistula Clinic to donate resources and spend time with the girls while demonstrating Christ’s love for them all. We also plan to visit a local ministry dedicated to helping girls and women get off the streets of Addis while providing love and practical support. Additionally, we expect to have the opportunity to visit a Christian seminary to donate books and to share in fellowship and encourage our brothers and sisters fighting for Christ in Ethiopia.

During our time in Fiche, we will be traveling through small villages and sharing much needed information and resources with the local villagers. As modeled after scripture in the Gospel according to Luke, we will be traveling in teams of two along with our Ethiopian translators, Disciple Makers, and guides to build relationships with local families. In each home we will be looking for a “Person of Peace” whom God has chosen and prepared in advance. We believe God has prepared the hearts of each of these “persons of peace” to accept us as the messengers, accept the message of Christ, and then advocate on behalf of the Gospel long after we leave the region. These “persons of peace” are absolute essential to establishing and spreading God’s Word in the area. Please pray for these very special people and for us to have our eyes opened to recognize them! For more information about “persons of peace”, check out this video or read more here.

Prior to arriving at each home in the village, our local Ethiopian contacts have graciously delivered Rhode Island Red Hens to families in the area. While it has been said that receiving the gift of these chickens is like winning the lottery in Ethiopia, in reality in these small villages of Fiche it means so much more than that. These chickens have the power to be completely life changing for families. On a previous expedition, a family initially refused the gift of these chickens explaining that they would be incapable of providing any food for them. This family, which consisted of a widow and her two daughters, was exceptionally poor and the only form of income they had was in sending one of the daughters into the city to work as a prostitute. Fortunately, God opened up conversations and the team was able to demonstrate to the family that while their daughter working in the city was able to make the equivalent of $5 a month, income from the chickens would be equivalent to $5 every 10 days. Thereby accepting the gift of these chickens, the family was able to stop sending their daughter into the city and earn sustainable income from the chickens instead. Glory to God! We will be traveling to meet with these families, provide feed and medicine for the chickens, and establish and build relationships.

While spending time with the local families, we will be sharing the Gospel in addition to combatting prolific human trafficking in the area by educating the locals on some of the horrific practices others are currently using to steal children away from home. Because so many of these families are suffering in such poverty and desperation, evildoers are using this as a prime opportunity to trick the locals into giving their children away under false pretenses. Many of the locals that send their children away have been promised that they are sending their children to a better place where they will be cared for, provided with an education and a job, and in some instances the families are even told that their children will then send money back home each month. In reality, the majority of these children are then sold into human trafficking. Many are forced to work hard labor in camps or on fishing boats while many others are forced into sex slavery. Most of these children will never see their families again and without help will die of exhaustion, starvation, or disease. No family or child should ever have to endure such suffering and unthinkable tragedy. It’s an absolutely horrific and devastating situation and we believe God is empowering us to help prevent such tragedy by sharing this information with the local Ethiopians along with ways to keep their families safe.

Aside from praying specifically for the “persons of peace” and for the hearts of the many Ethiopians we interact with to receive the Gospel, please also pray specifically for our incredible Disciple Makers. e3 is an outstanding ministry and organization that works diligently to ensure a sustainable and enduring model of evangelism and ministry long after we Americans have left the area and without the local Disciple Makers that paramount task would be nearly impossible. The Ethiopian Disciple Makers are truly God’s warriors in the region. They voluntarily risk their lives and safety to share the word of God and to minister to new believers in the area. They are the ones that will return to the families we have met with to further build relationships, share more of the Bible, disciple locals and even help to establish local churches. Please pray for these amazing people as often as God brings them to your heart.

We know that this will be an exciting and challenging trip and we appreciate all of your prayers, love and support!!